Green Oil Change

Have you heard?!
Bay Area Automotive Services is GREEN!

We now offer an eco-friendly oil change that lasts for 6,000 miles/6 months.* that includes tire rotation.

So why should you have an eco oil change? Why should you trust this motor oil over what you currently use?

  • 25 years of proven protection under the most demanding conditions imaginable our engine oils have provided maximum protection for the U.S. Military all around the world, state trooper cruisers and emergency vehicles, and some of the largest truck and automotive fleets where mission-critical performance is required.
  • Exceeds manufacturers’ warranty requirementsEcoPower is certified to exceed API SM/ILSAC GF-4; the toughest North American standards, which are required by the large majority of vehicles on the road today.
  • Saves Fuel – 3% – 7% Average – and reduces heat, friction, and wear
  • Advanced refining technologyour refining process produces oils with exceptional purity and lubricating properties that exceed the same exacting standards as any leading motor oil.
  • Synthetic Blend Formulationprovides an added measure of protection and performance.
  • Guaranteed protection and performance We will bear responsibility for damage caused by any failure related to the quality of our products to perform as intended when used in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications. (*6,000miles/6months, whichever occurs first – oil must be changed to be covered under warranty.)

In what ways is EcoPower environmentally friendly?

  • A recent Department of Energy study determined it takes up to 85% less energy to produce re-refined oil compared to oils made from crude oil.
  • Making new, highest-quality oil from reclaimed oil conserves valuable, non-renewable resources.
  • Reclaimed oil is either re-refined into new oil or blended into fuel oil and is burned. When made into new oil, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by more than 80%.

EcoPower Oil is safe to use on all vehicles – domestic and foreign.

Contact Bay Area Automotive Services today to show you care as much for the planet as you do your vehicle. Schedule your appointment today! (813) 254-0699